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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The tuition fees we charge cover 8 weeks of the class(es) you're enrolled in. Tuition for a class is based on the length of the class. Here's the fee list: 30 min class - $64 45 min class - $72 60 min class - $82 90 min class - $90 If a new dancer enrolls in the middle of our 8-week session, the fees will be prorated. For example: little Sarah wants to sign up for Dance Intro Ballet and Tap. Each of those classes are 30 minutes long. Sarah's tuition fees will be $128 for every 8-week session (before discounts).

What discounts do you offer?

Multi-class Discount (per dancer) – at 2 classes, dancer receives 5% off the total. Each additional class adds an additional 5% up to 9 classes. For example, a dancer who takes 6 classes would receive 25% off their tuition.

Family Discounts – (Not available for summer session). This applies to families with two or more dancers taking four or more total classes. After the individual multi-class discounts are figured the account will receive an additional $10 off per dancer. For example, Sarah would receive an extra $10 off her tuition and her sister, Amber, would also receive an extra $10 off of her tuition for a total of $20 off. The Family Discount is applied after the Multi-Class Discount.

Are there any other additional fees?

Regular season classes (Sept-May) include the following fees:

$25 Registration Fee (per family)

$60 Recital Costume Fee per class (Primary & under, due by Nov 30)

$65 Recital Costume Fee per class (Intermediate & up, due by Nov 30)

Cost of dancewear

Optional add-ons (recital tickets, recital DVD, etc.)

What does my dancer wear to class?

Each class level has a certain leotard color they will need to have for class:

Creative Movement/Kinderdance - Light pink leotard

Dance Intro - Light blue leotard

Primary - Light purple leotard

Intermediate - Burgundy leotard

Advanced - Black leotard

Dress Code for Ballet

Same color leotard according to above level. All female dancers must have their hair in a bun, pink tights and light pink ballet slippers. No attached skirts.

Dress Code for Jazz, Tap and Celtic

Same color leotard according to above level, black jazz pants/shorts. Tan jazz shoes for jazz, black tap shoes for tap and celtic. Hair must be in a bun/ponytail.

Dress Code for Hip Hop and BDC

No leotard required

Loose-fitting street clothes such as leggings or sweatpants and t-shirt or tank top. Tennis shoes or Hip Hop sneakers/combat boots. Teacher will assign a shoe for the recital once the costume is chosen. Long hair must be in a ponytail/bun.

Dress Code for Acrobatics

Black sports bra and black jazz shorts for all levels from Select to PrePro. Dance Intro acro wear light blue leotard. No tights, bare feet. Hair in a bun/ponytail.

Dress Code for Lyrical/Contemporary

Same color leotard according to above level, black jazz pants/shorts, tan footundies or bare feet. Hair in a bun/ponytail.

Dress Code for Male Dancers

Plain white t-shirt (no logos), black bottoms (shorts, sweatpants or jazz pants). Black shoes appropriate for the dance style.

Where do I get dancewear?

We have many things for sale at the studio! Dance shoe sizing samples are also available so we can size you and order the shoes you need. Leotards and tights are always in stock. The closest dancewear store is Diva Dancewear in Traverse City.

How many sessions are in the dance year?

Our dance year (running September through May) is divided into four, separate, 8-week sessions, and fees for tuition are due at the beginning of each session. Once your class enrollment choices have been entered, your dancer is automatically re-enrolled and re-billed in the same classes for the following sessions unless you let us know otherwise. Dancers can begin a new class at any point in a session and fees will be prorated. At the end of the fourth session, all dancers in all classes can choose to perform in our spring recital usually held at the Ramsdell Theater.

Our dance year includes two breaks, one in winter and one in spring. The tuition amount and the length of the sessions have taken these breaks into account accordingly. The fees you are charged are for the 8 weeks that classes are in progress.

Even though we break our year into four sessions, enrollement is open all year long and dancers are welcome to join at any time. The four sessions are only for tuition payment purposes.

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