Remote Support

Don't worry, just because we're remote from you, doesn't mean we can't help you! Our team is available to support you weekdays from 08:30 - 17:00 by e-mail or phone.  To log a ticket now, use the "Log a new ticket" link.

If it's urgent, please call us using the number at the top of the page.

Before doing so - below are some frequently asked questions that may help you immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got a new phone, how do I move my 2-factor authentication on to it?

If you've got a new mobile phone, and your company uses 2 factor authentication, then you probably will not be able to connect to your Microsoft Office 365, VPN, or Remote Desktop. At present, please contact the Cambridge Networks support team, and we will enroll your new phone to replace the old one. We will soon be adding a self service guide on how to do this yourself.

I have received a phishing e-mail, how do I report it so it is blocked in future?

If you have the "Report Message" button (shown on the left) in Microsoft Outlook 365 or Outlook 2016 or newer then, you can use this button to report any suspicious message directly to Microsoft. If you choose the Report Message button on the ribbon, you'll see several different options.

  • Junk
  • Phishing
  • Not Junk
  • Options
  • Help
If you choose Junk, Phishing, or Not Junk, you'll have the option to send a copy of the message to Microsoft, along with your classification of the message. Microsoft will then review the message and decide whether to accept your categorisation. You won't get a confirmation of their decision, but we can reassure you that Microsoft do actively review and process them. Click here to read full instructions, or if you don't have the add in installed.

How do I view emails caught in quarantine? (Microsoft 365)

If you think messages are caught in Quarantine, you can view them as follows: 1. Go the the below url, and sign in with your Office 365 credentials: 2. Select the detail you want to filter by here, Sender Address, or Subject are all available. Message ID is default. For step by step guide with screenshots, click here to read our user guide.

I don't seem to have received an e-mail I was expecting?

Firstly, look in your Junk folder. If you find messages in your junk folder, these have been categorised as junk or potentially suspicious by Microsoft. If you can't see the message in there, then you may need to look to see if they have been caught in your Quarantine - more suspicious e-mails tend to be held in quarantine. To view your quarantine, go to Click here to read our full guide on using Quarantine.

Existing customer?


Download remote access tool

For our supported customers, normally we will be able to connect to your machine using our remote management tools that are already installed on your machine.  However if this is not possible, in order to connect to your screen we may sometimes direct you here and ask you to download the following remote support applications. 

Please only do this if asked to by one of our support technicians.  If you are in anyway unsure that the person you're speaking to is from Cambridge Networks, do not enable a remote support connection with them.  

To download, click the link below to begin: